Maintenance is a very important service, since this makes a difference to keep your systems working in the proper conditions. Our Service and Maintenance Department is formed by highly responsible, professional and trained personnel to maintain your equipment safely working.

Our customers know we do more than just fix the failures. We identify the problematic areas and implement solutions to increase reliability and lifetime of the equipment.

As a benefit, our clients get:

  • Increase of their equipment’s lifetime.
  • Fuel supply without leaks.
  • Improve energy resources.
  • Optimization of their economic resources when having functional systems for any eventuality without personnel or equipment safety risks.
  • Prevention of nonfulfillment sanctions to the system standards.

Our maintenance plans are designed and carried out according to the current regulations of this matter, and also are certified through quality tests and a maintenance report that details all the findings.

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Usually, probabilistic factors as failures in power supply, bad performance of the system, climate phenomenon, among other events can influence in the good performance of your system. Therefore, this department is qualified to solve:

  • Mechanical failures: wear, heating or hose leaks.
  • Electrical failures: motors, contractors, wiring, compressors, drivers, pumps, etc.
  • Control failures: local and remote automatic systems, control cards and wiring logistic, etc.


It is based on national and international regulations, it consists in a series of procedures to avoid deterioration of your equipments and, as much as possible, to prevent future failures. Other preventive measures are:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Greasing
  • Replacement of spare parts
  • Change of bands
  • Etc.


For those customers who required a total coverage that guarantees an excellent performance of their equipments, we have a maintenance insurance system designed according to your needs, which provides:

  • A preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Support in case of failure without additional cost of manpower, within the effective date of the policy.
  • Priority support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Training for the operation of your systems.
  • Unlimited enquiry, advisory and technical checkings.


We have educational partnership with the Autonomous University of Queretaro, the IPN and UNITEC in order to encourage the continuous development of the industry.

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