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Sadi a Mexican Company of Great Innovation

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The first edition of the Mexico’s Aerospace Fair took place from April 22nd to 25th. Sadi, as a leader company in the sector, had a great participation in the fair presenting a Smart Truck prototype that was recognized as one of the best innovations in the event by several journals that were present in the Military Airbase of Santa Lucía, in the State of Mexico.




All these journals recognized Sadi as a Mexican company of great innovation that cares about offering quality services and continuous improvement. These are only some quotes of the articles published about Sadi’s Smart Truck:

 Conscience about the importance of controlling fuel supply aspects, the Mexican company Sadi, developed a prototype of the first Smart Truck that will allow to know exactly how much fuel is loaded, as well as the moment and exact place where it happens.

-Diario del Sur

 The truck will solve these problems and will help to improve the efficiency of the fuel supply process, through an automatic and intelligent system that uses a interface of virtual reality to make easier its performance.

 -El Sol de México

The Smart Truck, first of its type, was invented by the engineer Diana Gayosso, CEO of Sadi, who worked during 12 months to shape the idea she had several years ago and she could do it thanks to the support and help of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (Inadem), the one that made thanks to the Microsystems Program of FUMEC.

 -La Prensa

 Sadi decided to integrate innovation and technology that aerospace sector uses in a motor vehicle that uses integrated sensor to a system that allows to measure and monitor fuel in real time.

-Quadratin Hidalgo

“A further complication arises with the constant turnover of employees who operate the trucks; this is an impediment to proper training and creates new challenges because of the lack of employees who are familiar with the systems. Another problem is the loss of the fuel itself, which may be stolen prior to reaching its destination or may leak out along the pipeline”.




“The Smart Truck has a software -supplied by the UAQ- that controls all supply valves and hence there are no probabilities that pipelines saturate or a bad placement of valves is done. The computer is friendly schedule in a way that its performance could be easier”.

- CONACYT Prensa

After being introduced in Mexico, this prototype will search to get into USA and Canada markets, since these countries have similar fuel supply problems”.

 -El Innovador

With over three years in the aerospace industry, the Mexican company Sadi has been position as leader in Mexico of systems and air fuel supply equipments.

 -Revista Manufactura

Sadi had an original participation in this first edition of Mexico’s Aerospace Fair 2015. To finish the publications about the Smart Truck we invite you to check out this video where the performance of this intelligent truck is explained.

f you would like to know more details about Sadi's Smart Truck, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us to +52 (01 55) 5120-5093.

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