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Security in Fuel Storage Tanks

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Security is one of the main aspects to consider for fuel storage tanks. In order to reduce the intrinsic risks of its handle, tanks must be correctly built, installed and at the same time they must meet the security and quality requirements of certain standards as a first condition.


Tanks must be designed by experts based on the storage necessities and the area assigned for this, also the material of the tanks should be taken into account since it must be resistant enough to support the weight of the liquid, but most of all to resist corrosion that fuel can provoke. Nevertheless, periodic inspection should be carried out to verify if the thickness of the tanks is still suitable or if other security measures should be established.

When mounting the tanks, the area available for it should be taken into consideration and standards that indicate the limits and distance to place the tanks according to other construction should be followed. Electrical circuits, lamps, switches and contacts should be explosion proof and be well isolated. The space assigned for the tank should have suitable security signs and exits in case of emergency.

Tanks need ventilation ducts which dimensions should be in accordance to the size of the container, but if the dimension are not correct a breakup in the tank can occur due to the inner pressure that creates fuel.

Mobile storage tanks should have a scape gas system, cables to earth, a rotating light, wedges, two portable extinguishers and other necessary specifications to guarantee safety without forgetting that certain specific regulations must be met when supplying fuel to an airplane.

These are only few measures to consider about security in fuel storage tanks, but there are many more and also more detailed requirements that should not be left aside and, for this reason, in case you need to install one you should consult an expert of this matter, as Sadi, that is certificated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), that supports Sadi’s experience in the aerospace market.


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