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Germanwings Causes Important Changes in Aviation

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Airlines from all over the world are changing their security standards in the cockpit as a result from the air incident occurred on March 24th, 2015 where the airplane Airbus A320 from Germanwings smashed into the French Alps killing 150 people.

Investigators of the crash found the recordings of one of the black boxes of the plain which demonstrated that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally caused the crash of the airplane. In the recording it can be listened that pilot Patrick Sondheimer goes out the cockpit leaving all flight control systems to the co-pilot, when Patrick came back he couldn’t get in because Lubitz kept the door blocked.

It is important to mention that doors of commercial airplanes are kept closed and blocked. In order to get in it is necessary to use the intercom connected to a video camera that shows who wants to come inside. If there is no response of people inside the cockpit, the door automatically opens after 30 seconds. But due the incident of September 11th in USA, a system that completely blocks the door controlled from the inside was implemented in all airplane cockpits.

After some researches about the co-pilot it was informed that he suffered from generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately this data questioned psychological evaluations applied to crew members. Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa said these evaluations were not obligatory in Europe and that they only check the information of people’s background for their selection process.

Some aviation experts suggest improving and making more extensive the selection process, nevertheless the clinic psychologist Robert Bor, author of Aviation Mental Health, argues that it is very difficult to define and prevent behaviors such as those of Lubitz, co-pilot of Germanwings, because people’s mental health can change throughout his/her life.

Therefore, now airlines of Portugal, UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia and all over the world are implementing a safety procedure that had already been applied in USA which stipulates that two crew members must be in the cockpit at all times to avoid similar situations that puts the passengers’ life in risk.

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