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Smart Truck: Intelligent Fuel Supply

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Human beings have always been searching for tools that allow them do more efficien their work and thanks to the big steps given in the technological development and innovation implemented in the aerospace industry several processes have been accelerated and a big number of problems have been solve; among them, the fuel supply.

In aerospace sector it is known that one of the biggest budgets is exclusive for aviation fuel and, companies and people who acquired it are also looking for a suitable way to reduce costs and improve their processes handling fuel thanks to an innovative instrument or tool that at the same time could be reliable and has a sustainable technological base.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several instruments that have tried to improve fuel supply, there are, for example, injectors and pumps integrated with a system that allows the monitoring and measurement of fuel; if these instruments could be integrated with other similar tools as the tracking of location, could result in a complete instrument whose characteristics would be like human intelligence, such devices as known as “smart systems”.

Sadi decided to integrate the innovation and technology applied in the sector in an automotive vehicle equipped to transport and supply aviation fuel in an intelligent way, we are talking about a Smart Truck, the first smart fuel supply tank.

This vehicle offers several benefits that would be mention here below:

  • Remote monitoring in real time measuring the amount of fuel in the tank. 
  • Better control and administration of fuel, which helps to avoid mistakes in the supply. 
  • Reports of fuel movements in the tank that can be checked online any hour of the day. 
  • Intelligent system of a single button whose wireless controls automatically stop the supply in the filling operations and avoids spillage.

We invite you to know more about this new tool in the Mexico's Aerospace Fair 2015 carried out in April 22nd to 25th; where Sadi will be present to officially show a new prototype of this intelligent vehicle.

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