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Types of fuel storage tanks

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A fuel storage tank is a safe container for flammable liquids. In spite of any storage tank for fuel can be named as this, there exist different types and uses considering that there are those that store and inject fuel into an engine, and also the fixed or mobile tanks for the distribution or storage of fuel in its many uses and industrial areas.

Regarding the type of fuel distribution and storage tanks, there exist two types, fixed and mobile tanks:

Fixed storage tanks:

These are those containers that cannot be moved with product or those that can be moved but have a capacity greater than 3,000 l.

These type of tanks can be installed with the different limitations that exist for each case, product or service provided:

  • Over the ground or surface.
  • Half-buried.
  • Underground: buried, in a trench (closed, open, semi-open).

Mobile storage tanks:

They are those tanks that can be moved and they also have a capacity less than 3000 Ls.

The type of mobile tanks available is according to one of the following types.

  • Protected tank: Those that have a minimum fire resistance FR-15
  • Fuel storage room: Those that are used exclusively for storage in buildings or part of the same. They can be:

         - Interior: It is totally enclosed within a building and has no exterior walls. 

         - Separated: Located inside a building but has one or more exterior walls. 

         - Annexed: Only has a common wall with a building that has another use.

  • Tanker truck: one of the many varieties of truck that has utility both for the transportation of liquids and prolonged maintenance according to their characteristics.

These are only some examples of the most commercial tanks. The design and construction of the different elements of the installation will assure the minimum security requirements that will give us, as a result, an excellent quality with the stored product and that the stored product is there when you need it.

It is important to consult with specialists what is the fuel storage tank more suitable for the customer’s needs since the storage or distribution of fuels has become an important element in the industry. It represents an essential part of the cycle and using them correctly helps to reduce losses in the processes involved.

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